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  • The moon otherwise known as Goddess Luna in Greek mythology is a mysterious and astronomical partner for Earth. Providing Earth with protection from harmful objects out in space. The moon has helped Earth evolve into the beautiful planet it is. It is still a mystery as to how the Moon was formed, however my favorite theory is that the moon was created by a planet known as Theia colliding into Earth, and ripping the outer layer of crust into Space. Earth's gravity than formed the debris of crust into a single object which eventually grew to be our Moon. The Moon held a deep responsibility and image for the ancient Greeks and Romans. Looked at as a Goddess representing the divine and the female compliment of the sun. Synced with her Moon phases ancient civilizations created beliefs amongst the phases of the Moon. While also depicting time alongside the patterns of these Moon phases helped to create conscious outlooks on life. During a full Moon rise over the famous Colosseum in Rome Italy, the streets where greeted by Goddess Luna. Shining her bright Moon light over the city of Rome, the Moon was extra beautiful this night. To be in a city of ancient mythology and to witness one of the Gods in their habit was spectacular and unforgettable.

    Goddess Luna Rises - Rome, Italy

      • This prestigious photograph is available in paper, canvas, metal, and acrylic. Every print is made to order and uses high quality ink jet printers. Only the best material is chosen for print and mount production. Prints are produced and shipped from a professional printing lab based out of California.
      • FINE ART PAPER prints are printed on Canson Rag Photographique Fine Art Paper. These fine art archival prints come with a 1 inch border for framing needs. The museum quality paper insures the photographs true colors and details are displayed and will last a lifetime!
      • CANVAS PRINTS are printed on a white poly-cotton blend Giclée Canvas using professional archival inks. Canvas prints are stretched 1.5" gallary wrapped and ready to hang! Each canvas print displays the true colors and tones of the photograph. The long-lasting quality of these luxurious canvas prints will make any space stunning!
      • METAL PRINTS are printed on Chromoluxe aluminum metal sheets. Metal prints guarantee the longevity of each photo, making them durable to elements like fire, water, and dirt. Easy to clean and can withstand impacts to avoid dents and scratches. These metal prints will last a life time and longer! The high quality Chromoluxe aluminum helps preserve the color and vibrant details of the photograph. Photos are printed on bright white which allows for more vivid colors, and completed with a glossy finish which gives the print a shiny look. These professional museum quality metal prints come ready to hang with an aluminum floating mount. The quality and exquisite looks of these metal prints will amaze any viewer!
      • ACRYLIC PRINTS are the most exquisite prints available. Photographs are printed on metallic photo paper using high quality archival inks, then mounted between a 1/8" black sintra and a sheet of polished clear acrylic. Prints are finished with diamond polished edges, and come ready to hang with an aluminum wall mount. These deluxe museum quality prints are catered towards the fine art world. The combination of metallic fine art paper and clear acrylic helps enhance the photographs true color and detail. The final print will display an alluring perception towards the photograph and bring elegance to any space.
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