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My passion for photography has given me insight into the world. It has allowed me to explore with light and play around with how I perceive reality. My goal is to capture beautiful moments and share with people what I see in the world. I have traveled and explored many countries, searching for the best light, and experiencing some of the worlds best views.  Im always on the search for the next adventure from climbing volcanos during sunrise in Indonesia, roaming the busy cities of Europe,  and wandering the dense forest of the Pacific Northwest, I thrive on adventure and the experience of exploring new and unfamiliar territory.  I am always ready with my camera to take the next photo. This is my best life!

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Bobby Gonzalez

I am a California native living on planet earth, photographer and mathematician that has goals and aspirations in the technology and art of digital photography. I have a life long passion for photographing the world and capturing the moments in time that I witness. Photography allows me to feel free, and the possibilities of creativeness while playing with light is infinite. 

It all started when my love for photography stemmed from skateboarding. I spent most of my life growing up on the streets of busy cities looking for the next spot to skate and developing the urge to explore and venture to new places. Friends and I would film and record videos on Hi8 video cameras. Experimenting with different lenses and their focal lengths. Developing my photographic eye and understanding of composition. It wasn't until I received an old film camera from a family member who had passed away, for when I truly grasped an understanding of light. Trying to figure out how to use a film camera was a complete struggle! But once I figured out the first step of loading the film, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. The next obstacle I had to overcome was shooting in manual mode. This is where my love for photography developed. Once I figured out how the aperture correlated with the shutter speed, and how the ISO and White Balance affected the film, I felt a new love spark inside of me. This was another way for me to be creative like skateboarding. The freedom and infinite possibilities you can achieve with a camera are phenomenal and unique. The camera is a significant tool that humans have created to capture and freeze moments, memories, and experiences in time and make them last forever. Photography is a tool that helps us look back on our past and recollect life. My progression of photography grew slowly over time, making many mistakes, and like any other artist, a rollercoaster of artistic motivation was experienced over the years. I can truly thank photography for many things, but especially for my travel experiences in life. Without my love for photography, I would not have the urge and passion to travel and explore. The places I have been and seen in my life are unforgettable! Thanks to photography I was able to capture my experiences and share with people the places I have gone and seen. The world is an amazing place and full of life and beautiful light. 

Photography has been a journey throughout my life. I strive on learning the next photographic technique. From long exposure photography to double exposing film. The amount of creative aspects towards photography is what draws me to it. Once I entered into the world of digital photography, after a long time of saving up for a DSLR camera, it opened up a whole new world of photography for me that I became obsessed with. Learning how to take night shots of the Milky Way Galaxy, High Dynamic Range photography, and the endless possibilities of photography and computers was where I developed my curiosity for the digital world. Digital Photography lead me to want to further my education and decided to pursue a degree in applied mathematics and computer science. This was the time period of my life where I got to learn the science behind imaging and how the digital photograph is developed on a computer and displayed on a screen. Image processing and the algorithms behind the digital camera's sensor was my main focus of research.  The process of the light entering into the camera and the sensor developing pixels to represent that light captured is truly fascinating to me. Just another reason for me to thank photography. It has lead me down many unique roads full of adventure and amazing experiences!

Today for my day time job, I work in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Getting to help progress an application that uses camera technology and the fundamentals of photography has been amazing. My passion of photography keeps me going out and shooting on my free time outside of work. I love exploring new places locally and around California, trying to find that new perspective and composition is what gets me up in the morning. With my camera always by my side, you can find me chasing the light in search of the next awesome photo to shoot!

- BobbyG

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